San Goloso, the patron saint of taste

«Crème de la crème». Have you ever looked at this phrase closely? “Cream” is the word used to express an excellence of quality that rises above all others. It denotes the best and most noble part of something.

This is how San Goloso thinks of its cream of nut butters. They are the seamless blend of balance, harmony, and quality, the spiritual elevation of taste. Velvet-smooth but not cloying, indulgent but never overpowering, high class but not exclusive.

The cream of nut butters of the patron San Goloso – “Saint Gourmet” – protect good taste by following the highest standards and the most serious quality controls during the entire production chain: from the choice of ingredients to the producers, from technologically advanced cold processing to the recipes, and from health-conscious decisions and consideration of consumers’ allergies to the final packaging.

For San Goloso, its cream of nut butter is not just a product. It is taste translated to art.

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